Smart Meters

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District 23 has deployed Smart Meters to assist residents of the District in easily and efficiently tracking water usage, quickly identifying leaks, and to help conserve water. Smart meters have been installed to every residence in the District.

Getting Started

An Eye On Water account can be created after a Smart Meter has been installed in that residence. Visit to access online or download the mobile app.

When creating an account, you will need your 15-digit water service account number, including your zip code, exactly as it appears on your water bill.


Utilizing these tools, residents can monitor their water usage and set up leak alerts to prevent undetected leaks and assist in water conservation.

How to Know if Your Smart Meter Has Been Installed Yet

Check your water meter box

Old Analog Meter. (Not a Smart Meter)

New Ultrasonic Smart Meter

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