FBMUD 23 Resident Update Regarding City of Houston Main Line Break

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District 23 (FBMUD 23) residents may have learned that there is a main line break that is affecting the east side of City of Houston. A boil water notice has been suggested for residents of the City of Houston only.

This news post is to let FBMUD 23 residents know this suggested boil water notice and main line break will not affect the District. The District does not receive any service or water from the City of Houston, and the system is working as designed and without issue.

Again, the District will not be affected in any way by the situation in City of Houston.

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New Water Rates

Fort Bend Municipal Utility District No. 23 (FBMUD 23) is constantly looking for ways to enhance our systems as we continue our mission to provide our residents with clean and dependable water and sewer service. To that end, we have decided to institute some changes to the rate order, something we have not done since August 2014.

Rate Study

Over the last year our Board of Directors, in conjunction with our District Operator Municipal District Services, has been conducting a water rate study in an effort to make sure our rates both support our infrastructure needs as well as encourage responsible water usage. Our goals in this effort were to determine if there was a way to encourage water conservation in the higher tier users and reward those residents who are using smart water practices.

What have we learned?

On average, a majority of residents use less than 5,000 gallons of water a month. Of those who use more, the usage varies widely from 7,000 to 20,000 and tends to correlate directly with irrigation practices and whether or not the home has a pool; less than 2% use amounts in excess of 21,000.

By following usage statistics from winter months and comparing them to the same households during the summer watering season, we believe many high water users could greatly reduce their consumption by adopting a few “smart” water practices.

With this in mind, we have modified our tiered rate system to encourage people to conserve this precious resource.

New Water Rates

The base flat rate of $15.75 covers any usage up to 5,000 gallons which is where most people fall; for every 1,000 gallons of water usage above that amount, the new tiered rates apply. The tiered rates are broken down in the graphic to the right:

What this means for the average residential user is a $0.25 increase in the water service portion of their monthly bill. Once a user goes over 20,000 gallons in a monthly billing period, then the increase becomes a little larger per month, with users over 50,000 potentially experiencing an almost $50 increase in their bill each month. This is to encourage smart water usage and conservation practices.

There is also a flat $2.00 increase in the sewer rate for each connection. This is to offset rising costs in processing and disposing of wastewater. Materials, labor, and operations have all increased in the last five years, and this increase will help rehabilitate portions of the aging infrastructure, some of which was installed as far back as 1985.

For more information on how it breaks down for each household, see the rate graphic below and compare it to your usage each month for an idea of what your bill would look like moving forward:

The new rate will be effective February 1, 2020 for all residents within FBMUD 23.

Early Voting Ends Today

Attention Fort Bend Municipal Utility District 23 Residents!

Early voting ends today, November 1, 2019. If you have not had a chance to vote, this is your last chance to do so prior to November 5, 2019. Follow the link to www.fortbendvotes.com to view all the official county voting locations.

Did you get a chance to review the Resident Awareness Open House recap article, complete with exhibits for download, viewing, and printing? Follow the link: Open House Recap and watch the video and review the exhibits. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Your MUD Board of Directors and their consultants would like the chance to answer any questions you have before and after you vote.

The key points of the open house are:

  • This is to increase resident mobility by providing more arterial roadways throughout the district(s)
  • This would significantly reduce response times for emergency services in the area
  • This would accelerate already-planned road projects identified as needed by the County
  • Based on financial projections and given the information available at this time, there is no expected tax impact to residents

Whether you have voted or not, be sure to check out the District website, http://www.fortbendmud23.com for more information regarding the bond authorization election. Share the information out to social media and to your neighbors.

¡Atención, residentes del Distrito de Servicios Públicos Municipales 23 de Fort Bend!

La votación anticipada finaliza hoy, 1 de noviembre de 2019. Si no ha tenido la oportunidad de votar, esta es su última oportunidad antes del 5 de noviembre de 2019. Siga el enlace a www.fortbendvotes.com para ver todo el condado oficial. lugares de votación.

¿Tuvo la oportunidad de repasar el artículo de recapitulación de la Casa Abierta de Información para los Residentes, completo con anexos para descargar, ver e imprimir? Siga el enlace: Open House Recap y mire el video y revise las exhibiciones. Si tiene alguna pregunta, ¡no dude en consultar! La Junta Directiva de su MUD y sus consultores desean tener la oportunidad de responder a las preguntas que usted tenga antes de que vote.

Los puntos clave de la jornada de puertas abiertas son:

  • Esto es para aumentar la movilidad de los residentes al proporcionar más vías arteriales en todo el distrito (s)
  • Esto reduciría significativamente los tiempos de respuesta para los servicios de emergencia en el área
  • Esto aceleraría los proyectos viales ya planificados identificados como necesarios por el Condado
  • Según las proyecciones financieras y dada la información disponible en este momento, no se espera un impacto fiscal para los residentes.

Ya sea que haya votado o no, asegúrese de comprobar el sitio web del Distrito, http://www.fortbendmud23.com para obtener más información sobre la elección de autorización de bonos. Comparta la información en sus redes sociales y con sus vecinos.