FBMUD 23 Resident Alert: District Water is Safe to Use

Residents of Fort Bend Municipal Utility District 23 (FBMUD 23) may have woken up this morning to an alert that the Brazosport Water Authority (BWA) was issuing a “Do Not Use” alert for various communities that they service, or who purchase water from the BWA, due to a brain-eating amoeba.

KHOU posted an article and updated it this morning; you can view it here.

The FBMUD 23 water does not come from the BWA. 

Our operator, Municipal District Services, continuously tests District water for contaminants, and to ensure that it complies with all Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) governmental standards.

If you have any further questions regarding the water quality in FBMUD 23, please check out the Water Quality Report/Consumer Confidence Report, and feel free to reach out to us via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the District website.

Hurricane Alert and Trash Update

The National Hurricane Center is projecting a category 3 hurricane, Laura, to make landfall sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday along the Texas coast between Freeport and the Texas-Louisiana border. Based on these projections, we urge all residents to secure any loose items; bring garbage cans in off the street; clear any drains on or near your property of trash can lids, floating bags, grass clippings, limbs, and leaves; and move cars to higher ground in order to try and prevent storm drains from getting clogged and vehicles/property from being damaged.

Trash will be collected Wednesday, August 26th, starting at 7AM.  Extra debris outside of the trash cans will not be collected.

For additional information and future updates, please visit the National Weather Service.

For Hurricane Preparedness resources, please visit www.mdswater.com/hurricane-preparedness.

For future updates regarding Fort Bend MUD 23 issues, please continue to visit FortBendMUD23.com.

What You Should Know About Hurricanes

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