M.R. Massey Administration Building

1570 West Sycamore Road (Formerly Rabb Road)
Fresno, Texas 77545

Email: info@FortBendMUD23.com
Phone: (281) 431-3789
Fax: (281) 431-3582

Fort Bend County MUD 23 considers safety a top priority. Based on the current COVID-19 pandemic and directions from authorities, the Massey Building will be closed until further notice. Continue to check this site for updates. If you have an upcoming rental reservation, send an email to info@FortBendMUD23.com regarding postponing or cancelling your event.

Massey Building Rental questions can continue to be submitted to info@FortBendMUD23.com during the closure.

M. R. Massey

The M. R. Massey Administration Building was named in memory of a long-time and involved resident of this district, Mark Massey. Mark not only was a MUD 23 Board member for many years, he was very active in other activities in our district. This building was his vision and he spent many hours planning its construction. Mark passed away in January of 2005 at the young age of 43 soon after construction commenced on the building.

M.R. Massey Administration Building Rental

The Fort Bend County MUD No. 23 M. R. Massey Administration Building is available for rental to all residents of Fort Bend MUD 23 who are current on their MUD 23 tax and water service payments.

Facility Highlights
  • 3,000 sq. ft. building
  • 120 maximum capacity
  • 3′ x 6′ long tables onsite
  • 60″ round tables onsite
  • 48″ round tables onsite
  • chairs onsite (120)
  • full kitchen with refrigerator, range, ovens, and microwave
  • separate restrooms for men and women
  • large parking lot
  • audio and video equipment
  • adjacent park with play structure

3D Tour of Massey Building

The following tables and chairs floor plans illustrate placement examples of the various tables sizes. These examples can aid you with planning how to set up the tables upon your arrival for your rental period.

Example Tables and Chairs Floor Plans (PDF)

Renter Categories
  • One - MUD 23 Customers (You make water service payments to Fort Bend MUD 23)
  • Two - Pre-Qualified Non-Profits
  • Three - Non-Profits
  • Four - General Public (You DO NOT make water service payments to Fort Bend MUD 23)
Schedule of Fees

All fees must be paid by check, money order or credit card (a card processing fee will apply). For more detailed rental information, view the Rental Application.


Deposit. A refundable deposit is required to make a reservation - $250 for residents of Fort Bend MUD 23 and $720 for non-residents. There are two methods available to make a deposit:

  1. Begin the booking process and secure your date now by using the BOOKING CALENDAR below (credit card required); OR
  2. Request an appointment to pay in-person with a check or money order at the Massey Building by clicking BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

Rental Fee. The residential rental fee of $50 per hour, or $150 per hour for non-residents, is in addition to the refundable deposit and must be paid in full by 14 days prior to the event.

Set up and clean up time should be considered and included in the total number of rental hours you select (four or more); complimentary “set-up time” will not be granted. Therefore, if you select 2 PM as the facility entry time and 10 PM as the facility exit time, your access will begin at 2 PM and the facility should be cleaned and vacated by 10 PM to avoid a deposit refund penalty.

Check the Booking Calendar below for availability.

Reserve Online

Booking Calendar Currently Unavailable. Send rental inquiries to info@FortBendMUD23.com.

Reserve at the Massey Building

Check the Booking Calendar above for facility availability.  If the date is available, request an appointment to make an in-person reservation at the Massey Building by clicking BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

The homeowner or official lessee of the property (copy of lease agreement required) must initially present the Rental Application in person at the Massey Building (1570 West Sycamore, Fresno, TX  77545) by appointment. The application, the refundable deposit in the form of a check, money order or credit card (a card processing fee will apply) and a current photo ID are required. Click BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to request an appointment to tour the facility or to make rental reservations.

The facility is also available for rental to the general public – persons living outside of Fort Bend County MUD #23. Click the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT below to request an appointment to tour the facility or to make rental reservations.

Booking Calendar Currently Unavailable


Security personnel is required if:

  • there will be more than 50 attendees,
  • alcohol will be served, regardless of the number of attendees,
  • more than 50% of attendees are under the age of 21, regardless of the number of attendees.

The Massey Building representative can acquire security personnel on your behalf for the event.


The rental application and the Non-Profit Organization Qualification Form are both required when applying for rental on behalf of a non-profit organization. If the application is approved, the refundable deposit will be waived and the hourly rental fee will be due when the reservation is made.

Massey Park

The park adjacent to the building is available for exclusive use by individuals that rent the building and to the public when the facility is not in use for private events.

Other Facility Rental Notes

Please be courteous to renters that are having private functions at the facility; refrain from interrupting private events to attempt to make rental inquiries or to tour the facility.

The facility is not available for rental on holidays.

Per the reservation policies, requests for reservations must be made at least fourteen (14) calendar days before the date desired for rental.

For more detailed rental information, view the Rental Application.